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You can still tell its Christmas in New Orleans

The men in camouflage are now, though, in Jackson Sq. The ducks are walking the suburbs But the Satsuma men are still on the highways. Arlo Guthrie played on Jacson Sq for New Years Eve…

I tried to stay ahead of the crane

It devoured everything.

you always wondered what was inside the houses in your neighborhood & now it is not.

color came early to Nuevo Pheonix this fall

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It was the Easter that no little white Mary Jane’s could be found to fit my skinny feet; it began there.They had to take me to the Cathedral for a late Mass so that I wouldn’t see any of the girls I knew. So, when I tried to get a light reading the first morning …

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Nuevo Phoenix

On October the 17th, a Monday, I walked the dog in “The Woods” as cousin Al struggled to recover Ana & I from the deep suburbs of Baton Rouge. Packing all of the worldly possessions that I thought I was escaping with in August, after Katrina into his pickup, with overflow going to the ever …

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We ended up with Dean & Wendy Napoli in Baton Rouge for much longer that we had expected. Tuesday morning, car packed with documents & some clothes & a mattress with Ana on top, we fled with 1/4 of a tank (after I failed to be able to suck gas up a tube from another …

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Ana & Jana Havana 1949-Esther’s Drugstore

Ana & Jana Havana 1949-Esther’s Drugstore .

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I am back. Sitting on the Chinese carpet playing solitaire in the afternoon…watching wind blow my wash around on the chandelier…even in this damp, the underpants have to finally give up & dry, even with the rain & the cold coming again. I have to stop reading Eudora Welty, It doesn’t smell the same anymore. …

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Happy Holidays from the stormy-humid-ducky- falling-out-of the-sky south.

You know it’s Christmas here because, the guys in the camouflage suits are everywhere & those that are not are selling Satsuma on the highway.