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Acrylic on board, 28.5 x 41 inches.

Estimate $650.

Triangles radiate from the circular neck of the ‘huipil’ (blouse) to depict the sun. Complementing the initial row of triangles is a second row of inverted, loosely embroidered pyramids symbolizing rain that, together with the warmth of the sun, are responsible for the fertility of the earth. Bolts of embroidered “lightning” encircle the neckline, and centered on both the front and back of the blouse are two navy blue semi-circular “moons”. The wearer thus carries both within her and upon her garments the life forces of the earth. The black and white ‘faja’ (belt) is colored for protection, a continuation of the belief that Mayan warriors evidenced when they painted themselves black before going into battle.


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