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Acrylic and aluminum foil on board, 33 x 21 inches framed.

Estimate $750.


The Texel is in charge of guarding the treasures and statues of the organisation. The Santa Cruz has been sacred since Mayan times, both as a symbol of the sacred tree of the Cross and as a symbol of the crossing of the four divisions of the earth into which all gods were divided.


A Texel or Cofrade is invested into office for one year. During this year his entire family goes to live in the house where the images are kept, along with three other families, a total of four, one for each of the directions of the earth.


As symbols of her office, the Texel has her processional candle and her exceptionally embroidered ‘huipil’ (blouse) with lace collar. She is kneeling inside the saints’ room which is decorated with paper streamers and has pine needles strewn on the floor.

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