Nuevo Phoenix

On October the 17th, a Monday, I walked the dog in “The Woods” as cousin Al struggled to recover Ana & I from the deep suburbs of Baton Rouge. Packing all of the worldly possessions that I thought I was escaping with in August, after Katrina into his pickup, with overflow going to the ever gracious Napoli cousin in the truck that shadowed Ana & Al back to Metaire & dry ground, we split. We are now a short bridge crossing from the center of the damage in the converted garage where we now live, thanks to the graciousness of Laura Ann, whom I grew up with & is now stuck with us for a long time.

Roger Rubin said not to make any major decisions till the 20th of October & I do hope this does not fall into that category. It was a full moon & we were crazy.

Mothers condo has been plucked clean & is part of the rebirth here in Nuevo
Phoenix where courage is

hand & hand with the possibilities left by the void.

Fun without
electricity or roof

is not out of our reach, at least on the moral level. Ana has survived the trauma, but not unaffected & l myself have felt very lost, a most humbling experience for a world adventurer.

Ana had asked me if I could BREAK Her FACE, the night of the hurricane, since she realized that I would have to carry her out on my back. She buckled herself down to
survival mode after her wheel chair made it out of the black halls & 2 stories of steps of the condo to hit the morning sun light of exodus. I have been well trained.

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